Holiday in spring, unlike popular summer and winter, is quieter and quieter. Spring in the Carpathians is a fantastic awakening of nature, the flowering of the first snowdrops, saffron, Valley of daffodils, magnolias, sakur.

Leave the stuffy, dusty cities and come in the summer to rest in the Carpathians. The fresh mountain air of the Pylypets at an altitude of 750 m above sea level and the gentle sun contribute to a natural restoration of strength and energy.

Autumn in the Carpathians is a golden time for photographers and artists, as well as for lovers of mountains in a dress of bright motley flowers.

Rest in the Carpathians in winter in the Grand Hotel Pilipets will please both adults and children. Ski trails, instructors, rental of ski equipment, sledges and snowmobiles in the picturesque resort of Pilipets – all you need for an active holiday in the Carpathians in the winter!

Bike routes in the Carpathians

Cycling is the most popular element of outdoor activities in the summer tourists in the Carpathians.

Planning a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains in the resort Pylypets mandatory selling point of the program make mountain biking marked bicycle tourist routes.

Pylypets resort offers several cycle routes in scenic surroundings for beginners and for those who like steep hillsides. Marked cycle routes in the Carpathians varying complexity and length.

Map of bike trails in the mountains Carpathians:

Getting all 3 cycling trails located at the gates of the Grand Hotel Pylypets.

Distance GIGA:
length – 64 km., a common set of height – 2300 m

Advanced cycle route in the Carpathians for experienced mountain bikers. Be needed stamina and good physical fitness.
Biking trails in the Carpathians GIGA rich not only in kilometers and downs, but also elegant landscapes, experiences and most pleasant descents.

Distance MEGA:
length – 48 km., a common set of height – 1700 m

Medium complexity cycle route along the Carpathians. Suitable for professional athletes and ambitious amateurs riding a mountain bike.
On the trail offers stunning views of mountain ranges and Borzhava Beskids. Route feel everything: power ups and technical descents, narrow lanes and wide mountain trails, pass through the mountain stream.

Distance MINI:
length – 21 km., total climb – 600 m

The shortest distance cycling routes, but impressions and landscapes it does not hold.
Suitable for those who want to try their hand at riding a bike in the mountains.

MTB Marathon Pylypets

In September 2013 at the Carpathian tourist biking was held first MTB Marathon Pylypets 2013. Organizer – NGO sport and tourist club “TRACK” – promised to do a marathon in Pylypets annual.

What’s MTB Marathon?
The abbreviation “MTB Marathon” comes from the English “MounTain Bike Marathon”. Interestingly, the length of the distance of the world-MTB Marathon is usually 80 kilometers. Check-in takes at least 4 hours. The annual world championship MTB Marathon is held under the auspices of the International Union of UCI cyclists since 2003 in different countries – Austria, Norway, Italy, France and others. In the 2014 World Championships MTB-Marathon will be held in South Africa.

Bicycle rent

The resort Pylypets rent of baby and adult mountain bikes. The required size bike hire staff will help you choose.