In the tourist area Pylypets are hiking trails to explore the scenic Carpathian Mountains.

Hiking trails have been designed to promote the head of the Association of Tourism “Shipot” Sergei Vasilyevich Grieg. Their development was due to tourist attraction Pylypets resort in the Carpathian Mountains.

Works signs marking paths of European standards in 2013 was carried out by volunteers and professionals Tourinform Transcarpathia Grand Hotel Pylypets in cooperation with Czech volunteers Tourism Development, headed by well-known expert Ivo Dokoupil.

The marked tourist routes resort Pylypets:

1. Walking route “Mountain slopes Gemba»

length – 9.5 km,
duration – 7 hours.

Mountain Gemba is a part of Borzhava mountain system, which is considered the largest in the Ukrainian Carpathians and has a length of about 50 kilometers.
Height of the Mountains Gemba – 1498 meter above sea level.
To note, the resort Pylypets is located at an altitude of 700-750 m asl at bottom of mountain Gemba.

Gemba mountain peak is a treeless polonina wide, much like the character of the flora of the alpine meadows. Here grow huge bushes of blueberries and cranberries. In late summer and early autumn berry fruit stunted bushes.

2. Walking route “To the waterfall Shipot»

length – 3 km,
duration – about 1 hour.

Carpathian Shipot waterfall located in beech-woods near Pylypets tourist center. Carpathian forest, healthy air and the sound of water from the waterfall cascades 14-meter Shipot!


3. Walking route “To Mount Ryapetska»

length – 4 km,
duration – 2 hours.

Ryapetska Mountain is a part Borzhavski mountain system located near Mount Great Top (1598 m asl). The mountain Ryapetska – 1,210 meters above sea level. Segment of the path between the vertices and Great Top Ryapetska marked yellow and white marks with the number 19. It is a tourist path number 19 – part known Transcarpathian tourist track, which leads the Carpathians from the Polish and Slovak borders to Romanian.

Run through entertaining tourist facilities:

  • waterfall Shipot,
  • glade near a waterfall Shipot, where the annual International Festival of alternative youth Midsummer,
  • Ploshanka upper mountain stream,
  • foothills and Gemba Ryapetska may subsequently labeled transitions on international routes Borzhavska meadows to the heights of Stoy, Great Top, Plai, Temnatik.


Together with Czech and Ukrainian experts prepared special hiking maps detailing routes and preparing information map diagram, which will be located near the Grand Hotel Pylypets for discovering routes Carpathians everyone.

More information on hiking paths in the Pylypets can be obtained from the managers of the Grand Hotel Pylypets.