Tours in Transcarpathia

The Grand Hotel Pylypets is the best place for tourists who want to get to know the rich culture and the traditions of the Carpathian Mountains. The managers of the hotel will be glad to advise you on any questions on the trips, to organize a personal transfer and an accompaniment of a guide, will help you in any issues concerning the tours in Carpathians.


The Shypit waterfall 1 Km Nature the most beautiful waterfall in the Carpathian Mountains with 14m height and numerous cascades of water in the beech forest near Pylypets.

The church of XVIIІ century in the village of Pylypets 5 Km Culture, History an antique stave church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God in the high-mountain village of Pylypets. The access to the church is only allowed for Sunday service.

The lake of Synevyr 50 Km Nature the most known and the biggest lake in the Carpathian Mountains with trout and cancers. The lake of Synevyr is in the National Park Synevyr among the mountains covered with spruce and beech forests.

The museum village of Kolotchava 50 Km Nature a unique village in Carpathians where there are 10 museums and about 20 monuments. The Holy Spirit Church, Ivan Olbrekht Museum, the Old Village, the Bokorash of Kolotchava, the narrow-gauge railroad of Kolotchava, Shtaier underground shelter, Arpad Line… and many other things you can see there.

Shenborn’s hunting castle 55 Km Culture, History Shenborn’s hunting castle in Mukacheve district of Transcarpathian region. It was built in 1890-1895. It has 365 windows (like the days of a year), 52 rooms (like the weeks of a year), 12 entrances (like the number of months). Shenborn’s castle is situated in the middle of a beautiful English park (boxwood, catalpa, spruce, sakura, rose beech and a lot of other botanic gems). There is a lake in the park whose contours reproduce the boundaries of the Habsburg Empire (Austria-Hungary) of that time. And also the Source of Youth and Beauty with tasty clear water should be mentioned.

Saint Miklos castle in the village of Chinadievo 63 Km an architectural monument of the 14th-19th centuries with rich and very interesting history located in the village of Chinadievo in Mukacheve district of Transcarpathian region.

The reindeer farm 72 Km – between the villages of Isa and Lypcha in Khust district of Transcarpathian region there is a farm of dapple deers created in 1987 which is unique in Ukraine. Nowadays there are about 200 deers living on 60 ha pastures, forests and artificial lakes.

Palanok Castle in Mukacheve 72 Km Culture, History a well-known castle in the city of Mukacheve in Transcarpathian region. Now there is a history museum in the castle.

The center of willow weaving in the village of Iza 76 Km Culture, Traditions the souvenir market in the village of Iza in Khust district of Transcarpathian region where they sell the willow handmade products: baskets, chairs, tables, cases, boxes, lampshades, dishes, vases, caskets, etc.

The Selysskyi cheese dairy 80 Km Degustation a cheese dairy known throughout Ukraine in the village of Nyzhnie Selyshche in Khust district of Transcarpathian region where real natural cheese is produced on Swiss technology. You can see the whole process of transformation of milk into cheese and taste 4 kinds of cheese: Khust, Selysskyi young cheese, Selysskyi aged cheese and Narcissus of Carpathians.

Ostrich farm 80 Km Farm a farm for Namibia ostrich farming on the outskirts of the city of Khust of Transcarpathian region existing from 2002. The ostrich egg is the biggest egg in the world and its weight is from 1 to 2 kg.

Narcissus Valley 82 Km Nature a nature reserve near the city of Khust of Transcarpathian region. Belongs to the international network of UNESCO biosphere reserves from 1992. During the period of the narcissus blossoming (in May) the Valley is covered with white flowers which a lot of tourists admire.

Serednie Castle 90 Km Culture, History a castle of the Order of Knights Templars of 12th century ХІІ in the village of Serednie in Uzhhorod district of Transcarpathian region. Now it is in a sad plight of unmanaged ruins.

Thermal pools 102 Km Health the swimming pools with hot thermal water from the depth of 1190 meters below ground in the city of Beregove and the village of Kosyno of Beregove district.

Uzhhorod Castle 110 Km Culture, History a fortification in the central city of the Transcarpathian region, Uzhhorod. Now there is a local history museum in the castle.