Rest in Carpathians

Carpathian Mountains are located on the territory of several countries in Central Europe, including 10% of the territory falls on Ukraine. Carpathian volcanic origin means that the mountains were formed as a result of the outpouring of millions of years ago, magma from the depths to the surface. Today the Ukrainian Carpathians are covered with beech and spruce forests. The alpine meadows of the Carpathians, known as the meadows, thickets grow blueberries and cranberries, sheep graze in the summer.

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Rest in Carpathians

Maximum height of the Carpathians reaches 2,061 meters above sea level (Goverla). It is this height – up to 2 thousand meters – is a comfortable holiday in the mountains. So every winter and summer come to rest in the Carpathians tourists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, and Poland. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine of 4 tourists on vacation in the Carpathian Mountains is one – is a foreigner. The striking beauty of the Carpathians and good value for money attracts people from neighboring countries rest on the Ukrainian mountain resorts.

Carpathian resort of Pilipets

One of the famous Carpathian mountain resorts is Pylypets. For hiking, cycling and skiing holidays in the Carpathians in Piliptse have the appropriate infrastructure. Pylypets resort located at an altitude of 700-750 m above sea level at the foot of Borzhava: Gemba mountain (1498 m), Magura Gide (1517 m), the Great Upper (1598 m), etc. This is the longest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains Carpathian region.

Located in the resort chair lift carries vacationers all year round at the top of the mountain Gemba. In the beech forest on the edge of the Carpathian Piliptse is Shipot waterfall, and a few kilometers from the resort of tourists from different corner of the world come to the National Park “Sinevir” to enjoy the beauty of the largest mountain lake Carpathians