Rental in the Carpathians in the resort of Pilipets

For guests who arrived to rest in the Carpathians in winter without ski or other mountain equipment, in the resort of Pilipets there are several ski equipment rental points for adults and children from 3 (three) years old.

The employees of the rental companies provide free consultation when selecting equipment from well-known manufacturers, which guarantees maximum enjoyment of riding with minimal hassle.

The range of rental locations in the ski resort of Pilipets in the Carpathians:

1. For adults:

Mountain skiing for growth from 142 cm to 170 cm;
Ski boots (from 34 to 47 sizes);
Ski poles;
Snowboards (size of shoes from 34 to 47);
Plates, sleds.
2. For children:

Children’s helmets;
Children’s skiing for children from 3 years (from 80 cm to 130 cm in height);
Children’s ski boots (from 24 to 33 sizes);
Mountain skiing sticks;
Children’s snowboards (size of shoes from 24 to 33 sizes);
Sleds, plates.
Prices for ski or snowboard rental in the Carpathian Mountains in 2014 differ depending on the distance from the ski lifts, as well as the quality of the proposed equipment and equipment.
Remember! To rent suitable ski equipment of the right size, please contact the rental company in advance!

Attention! Grand Hotel Pilipets is not responsible for the operation of rental offices in the resort of Pilipets in the Carpathians. The material is provided for information purposes.