Ski school and snowboard school in the resort of Pilipets

Want to spend your holidays in the Carpathians in the winter and learn how to ski well or snowboard? Schools for alpine skiing and snowboarding in the resort of Pilipets in the Carpathians will help you and your children (from three years old) to learn the correct safe riding technique in the shortest possible lines. During the winter season in Pylypts there are several dozens of instructors who conduct individual and group classes (from 3 people).

Instructors will teach safe skating, give the necessary advice, share invaluable experience and knowledge.

Ski school and snowboard school in Piliptic offer the following training programs:
1. Basic equipment skiing (snowboarding) for beginners – adults and children. Training of braking techniques, basic driving positions, first turns. Ability to use ski poles.
2. Mastering all kinds of skating techniques for different types of slopes.
3. Freeride program for adults and teenagers – riding outside the prepared routes.
4. The Gibbing program.
5. Freestyle program for adults and adolescents:
Fogul – descent along the hillocky slope with several jumps from a special springboard;
Acrobatics – jumps from a special springboard, refining techniques are developed, directly the jump and landing;
Ski cross – passing on the speed of the road with turns and obstacles;
Ski-halfpipe – tricks on the ski slope-half-rub – flips, coups, grips, pirouettes on skis for freestyle;
Ski slopestyle – a performance on the slope with various obstacles – rails, quarterpipes, springboards.

For information, the world’s first ski school appeared in the 20th century in Norway. And the first in the world competitions in the skill of skiing were held already in the late 19th century in Austria.

Grand Hotel Pilipets is not responsible for the work of the ski and snowboard schools in Pilipca, as well as their instructors. The material in this section is provided for information purposes.