Winter in the Carpathians: razvlechenyya and recreation on hornolыzhnom kurorte Pylypec

Winter – the most popular season for adolescents in the Carpathians. І Visokogyrny resort Pilipets not vinyatok.
Zimoviy Pilipets in the Carpathian Mountains is characterized by a character. The resort was formed on the outskirts of the village with the sounds of the local customs, in the traditional customs traditions in the resort and in the town, and with a miraculous view of the falls. Borzhivskyi ridge is near the peak of the sea above the seashore.

As another winter rest in the Carpathian resort Pylypets besides skiing (snowboarding)? Fun winter in the Carpathians:


Hiking in winter

Take warm gloves, wrap the scarf. Go for a walk nazimnyuyu resort Pylypets and snowy woods! Shipot waterfalls, the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathian Mountains, less than one kilometer away.

Sledge pulled by horses

Rest in Carpathians winter resort Pylypets not ride on the local sled on snowy road? .. you put on a blanket covered with fragrant hay. You will hear snorting horses, the sound of bells. And bear in the snow, turning sensations in a joyful childhood.

Sledding and plates

Fun, hard – that’s what should be on winter vacation in the company of family and friends not to miss. Sledge and plates rented vpunktah rental resort Pylypets. Mountains of snow in the Carpathians are waiting for you!


Snowmobiles combine the thrill of high-speed driving and spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks of Carpathians. Snowmobile can be rented at the ski resort Pylypets for contacts please contact the hotel manager.

Photo Visiting in winter

If you are fond of photography then Borzhavska ridge in Carpathians famous photographers regularly organized workshops in landscape photography. Join groups at social networks (see. Link at the top near the switch languages) and learn first about the future fototurpohodah, as well as other events at the resort Pylypets in the Carpathians.

Winter tours in Transcarpathia

Those wishing to see the historic sights of Transcarpathia recommend Piliptsa go towards the city of Mukachevo. Just 30 kilometers to the international highway Kyiv-Chop (v. Lower Gate) from the resort Pylypets in the Carpathians and the disposal of three unique medieval tourist facilities: Shenborn hunting palace in the sanatorium “Carpathians”, a medieval castle St. Miklos in the village. Chynadiyevo, the castle “Palanok” in Mukachevo.

Spa Carpathians

After an active day in the snow in the Carpathian nice warm bath in the Russian wood by the river in the Grand Hotel Pylypets sauna or relax in the warm Jacuzzi pool, Carpathian vats. After water procedures healthy sleep and no voltage is guaranteed!

Billiards and Fitness

All guests of the Grand Hotel Pylypets give the use of a pool and fitness room for free! Play, keep in shape and enjoy a winter vacation at a ski resort in the Carpathians Pylypets.

The restaurant in the mountains

Cozy Restaurant Grand Hotel Pylypets 120 seats in the heart of the Carpathians every day ready to pamper guests ski resort excellent taste and perfect quality cuisine of the highest category.