Holiday in spring, unlike popular summer and winter, is quieter and quieter. Spring in the Carpathians is a fantastic awakening of nature, the flowering of the first snowdrops, saffron, Valley of daffodils, magnolias, sakur.

Leave the stuffy, dusty cities and come in the summer to rest in the Carpathians. The fresh mountain air of the Pylypets at an altitude of 750 m above sea level and the gentle sun contribute to a natural restoration of strength and energy.

Autumn in the Carpathians is a golden time for photographers and artists, as well as for lovers of mountains in a dress of bright motley flowers.

Rest in the Carpathians in winter in the Grand Hotel Pilipets will please both adults and children. Ski trails, instructors, rental of ski equipment, sledges and snowmobiles in the picturesque resort of Pilipets – all you need for an active holiday in the Carpathians in the winter!

Quad driving in the Carpathian Mountains

The mountain sceneries around the Grand Hotel Pylypets are amazingly beautiful. And the best way to get to know them is a quad. This small all-terrain vehicle does not require any special experience and gives a sensation of adventure and fun. The quad driving in the Carpathian Mountains becomes increasingly popular.

Routes in the Carpathian Mountains for skiing ATV:

Route №1:

Destination: Volovets (Transcarpathian region) – Veretsky pass in Carpathians.
Length: 44 km.
Duration: 3 hours.

Route №2:

Destination: Volovets (Transcarpathian region) – Borzhavska ridge (mountains Plai, Gemba, Great Top around the resort Pylypets Transcarpathian region).
Length: 35 km.
Duration: 3 hours.

Route №3:

Destination: Volovets (Transcarpathian region) – Beskid Range (Transcarpathian region) – Mountain Yavirnyk (Veliko-Bereznyansky district, Transcarpathian region).
Length: 45 km.
Duration: 4 hours.

Route №4:

Destination: Volovets (Transcarpathian region) – Veretsky pass in Carpathians – mountain Yavirnyk – village Skotarske – Beskydy tunnel.
Duration: 6 hours.

Before riding routes described above is carried out instructions. Check out all the tourist routes going along with the instructor of smt. Volovets.

Take a trip in the Borzhava Valley, its peaks Stoy (1681m above sea level), Velykyi Verkh (1598m above sea level), Gymba (1498m above sea level), enjoy the high-mountain wild nature of the Carpathian Mountains where the civilization does not reach.

The outfit, the instruction and the accompaniment of an experienced instructor is offered for a tour on quads in the Carpathian Mountains.