Webcam. Grand Hotel Pylypets in the Carpathian Mountains.


Вебкамера № 1
Pylypec resort in the Carpathian Mountains

Webcam Carpathians on the building of the Grand Hotel Pylypets. Shows hillside Gemba (Borzhava spine) and the chair lift on it


Вебкамера № 2
chair lift in Pylypets

Webcam at the lower station of the ski lift.
Static images in real time.
Updated approximately every 10 minutes.

For providing images from the webcam we thank the site owners: http://sneg.info/

Schedule and fare cable car bike park Pylypets.

Below the picture webcams – the current weather at a resort in the Carpathians Pylypets: air temperature and humidity.

Using the webcam image Grand Hotel Pylypets in the Carpathians is permitted only with permission and binding reference to the active site at: http://grandhotelpylypets.com/en