(Українська) Ціни зимою

How much does rest in winter 2017 in the Carpathians in the ski resort of Pilipets? What are the prices for accommodation, lifts, rentals in 2017?

Ukrainian Carpathians can boast several dozens of high-altitude resorts with a full infrastructure for ski tourism. Pilipets is one of them. There are several ski lifts in the resort of Pilipets, because it is located on the slopes of the famous Borzhavsky polonin with a height of up to 1,500 meters. To learn more about ski lifts – follow the link.

Let’s consider the prices for rest in the Carpathians in the winter of 2017 in the resort of Pilipets.
Prices for accommodation in the Grand Hotel Pilipets 4 * per night:

From 01/12/2016
On the 25/12/2016
BB (breakfast)
From 26/12/2016
To 10/01/2017
BB (breakfast)
C 11/01/2017
To 28/02/2017
BB (breakfast)

Double Standard (mansard) 750 UAH1500 UAH. * 1050 UAH
Double Standard 850 UAH1600 UAH. * 1150 UAH
Double Junior Suite 1100 UAH.2100 UAH. * 1600 UAH
Double Suite 1500 UAH2700 UAH. * 1900 UAH
3-bed Superior Suite 3000 UAH6000 UAH. * 4000 UAH

* – subject to booking a room for 5 or more days in the Grand Hotel Pilipets 4 *. Grand Hotel Pilipets reserves the right to make changes to any prices and tariffs, even during their validity period, due to the socio-economic situation in the country and currency fluctuations. Piliptic ski lifts

The price of a one-time lift by chair lift in the Carpathians at the resort of Pilipets in 2017 is from 70 UAH.

Prices for chair lift PILIPZA season winter 2016-2017:

  • One-time lift adult: 70 UAH ., On holidays from 26.12 to 10.01 – 80 UAH.
  • 3-hour subscription: 220 UAH ., On holidays from 26.12 to 10.01 – 330 UAH.
  • subscription for 1 day: 400 UAH ., On holidays from 26.12 to 10.01 – 550 UAH.

    Piliptic cableway operating mode: Mon-Fri 10-00 to 16-30 hours, Sat-Sun 09-30 to 16-30 hours. FOR FRIEDLINES.

      Prices for the lift from the top station of the chair lift to the top of the city of Gamba:

    • a snowdrift – 70 UAH / person ;
    • Snowmobile – 150 UAH / person .

      Fun in the resort

        In addition to the ski lifts, the following entertainments for companies and families with children are popular in the Carpathians:

      • Finnish sauna – the price is 300 UAH. Per hour (up to 6 people)
      • spa vacation in the hot tub (jacuzzi) – the cost of 350 UAH. Per hour (up to 6 people)
      • sauna on firewood – the price is 500 UAH. Per hour
      • Carpathian vats in Pylypets – the cost of 500 UAH. Per hour (6 people)
      • billiards – free of charge, included in the price of the Grand Hotel Pylypets
      • gym – free of charge for residents of the Grand Hotel Pilipets
      • Sledging with horses – from 20 UAH. Per person.

        Grand Hotel Pilipets is not responsible for the services in the resort of Pilipets and their prices. The prices and conditions of the work of rental companies, lifts and instructors are provided for information purposes, so you should specify the detailed information on the spot.